When Niti Aayog officials mistook a wrong person as new RBI Governor because he came in luxury car and escorted him


Delhi is notorious for its VIP culture and people’s craze for often fake status symbol. This is a city, where one has to ‘look’ educated than indeed be educated. Being rich means nothing unless you adequately put your richness on display for others to notice.

One expects to be respected not because of who he/she is, but because of the cars, watches and jewellery in their possessions.

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The newly appointed RBI Governor, Urjit Patel, was a victim of Delhi’s infamous VIP culture as he arrived in the national capital to have his first official meeting with the Niti Aayog vice chairman on Tuesday.

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But, he was not noticed by anyone despite there being a full preparation to receive the high profile guest as he did not arrive in a luxury car.

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In fact, people waiting to receive him at the gate, mistook another gentleman, more posh in look, as the new RBI Governor because he arrived in a luxury car.

Patel, according to Financial Express, arrived and approached the gate alone, carrying his own files. A CISF guard at the gate failed to recognise him as he was alone, carrying his own files.

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The guard stopped Patel and asked for his ID card. The RBI Governor did not hesitate and showed his ID card. He was later allowed to enter.

There is no information as to what happened to the ‘rich man’ being mistaken as Urjit Patel.



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