Virat Kohli files cheque bounce complaint, settles it out of court


Cricketer Virat Kohli and a real estate company have settled amicably out of court a case related to dishonoured cheque, after India’s Test captain complained in a magistrate court in Delhi.

Kohli’s complaint was that the cheques he was receiving, in return for investment in that company, were not being dishonoured on depositing with the bank.

Delhi-based Kohli, now in Australia with the Indian team for an ODI series, had invested Rs 5.42 crore with Blue Coast Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd., a real estate company, and was supposed to receive a certain amount at regular intervals.

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In his plea, Kohli had said that the company had continued to pay the assured return but the cheques were getting dishonoured whenever they were deposited with the bank.

As per Kohli’s complaint, he had paid an advance of Rs.3,42,40,000 at the time of space agreement with the firm and later paid the balance Rs.2 crore through demand draft.

Kohli had filed the complaint against Blue Coast, its directors Manoj Joshi and Sanjay Suri, and its additional director Gaurav Pandey for alleged dishonour of a cheque of Rs.4,88,160 that the company had issued in his favour.

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Pandey, who had filed a revision petition against a magisterial court order of March 4, was summoned as an accused. He told Additional Sessions Judge Rakesh Pandit that he wanted to withdraw his plea as the matter had been settled out of court.

In the hearing, after Pandey’s counsel Vijay Aggarwal said the matter has been settled between the parties, the judge dismissed as withdrawn the review petition.

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“It is submitted by counsel for revisionist [Pandey] that the matter has been settled between the parties in mediation centre. He further states that without any prejudice to the rights of revisionist, he wants to withdraw the present revision petition. In view of the submission of counsel for revisionist, the present revision petition is dismissed as withdrawn,” the ASJ noted in his order.


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