Housing.com hacked days after Rahul Yadav sacked as CEO


Popular property website housing.com was hacked on Monday evening days after the company CEO was sacked by the company board for the latter’s series of ‘antics.’

The hackers replaced the homepage of the website with cryptic mathematical equation with the message beginning with #rahulyadav and #housingdown.

There was also an explicit reference to the sacked CEO Yadav through the message, which read, “Yes, we will solve real estate but 10X better with the Chief Architect.”


Soon the conspiracies began to fly thick and fast on social media with some suggesting that Yadav had a role to play in the hacking. However, nobody has yet claimed responsibility for this hacking.

Last week, Housing.com board sacked Yadav after reports that Quickr was seeking to acquire the company and Yadav’s subsequent emails to employees that he was telling journalists two different sets of information on the whole issue.

The website was up and running within couple of hours though.


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