Google opens first start up campus in Asia


Google“s first campus for startups and entrepreneurs in Asia has opened in a glitzy neighborhood of South Korea“s capital Seoul.

On Friday, Google opened its first “Asia Start-Up Campus” in a neighborhood of South Korea`s capital Seoul. Located in Gangnam, the campus rents out its 21,528 square foot space to start-ups. It also plans to host events for tech start-ups and for female entrepreneurs with children.

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The space will be provided for people to work and network, the campus also offers mentoring and training by Google teams and experienced entrepreneurs as well as access to other start-up communities in Asia and beyond.

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“We feel we`re at a tipping point where Korean start-ups will begin going global,” said Jeffrey Lim head of Seoul Campus operations

Almost every day, a meeting or a conference among tech start-ups takes place in Gangnam, which also houses electronics giant, Samsung.

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