Congress activist sends notice to Modi, says his Rs 15 lakh promise amounted to bribery


Congress activist Tehseen Poonawalla has served a notice to the Prime Minister’s Office asking it to explain why the PM Modi has not been able to fulfill his promise on black money particularly depositing Rs 15 lakh into each Indian’s bank account.

Poonawalla told that he was waiting for the ‘appropriate reply’ from the finance ministry before deciding on whether he will need to approach the Election Commission and the Supreme Court.

The PMO has reportedly forwarded Poonawalla’s notice to the finance ministry for “action as appropriate.”

Poonawalla said, ” My case is legal because what I’m asking the prime minister is that since you did promise Rs 15 lakh and you brought the Black Money Bill in the last session of parliament, the bill doesn’t mention how much black money is stashed abroad. The bill also doesn’t mention how we will get Rs 15 lakh. So you were lying then or you don’t have the intention to give that money.”


Pic: Tehseen Poonawalla

He said that he had decided to approach the relevant constitutional bodies because he felt that Modi’s promise on Rs 15 lakh was tantamount to bribery.

“Tomorrow somebody will say I will give you one crore rupees when I come to power. Elections should be run on policies, not on bribery. If the PMO doesn’t address this issue, I will then go to the Election Commission and the Supreme Court,” said Poonawalla.

Modi, in one of his Lok Sabha election rallies, had said that every Indian will have Rs 15 lakh deposited in their accounts once the black money reportedly stashed abroad was brought back to India. The BJP had made this a huge election issue and repeatedly blamed the UPA government for being soft on this issue.


  1. He will lose the case in anyany and every court. Quote “These thieves have stashed sosmuch black money in foreign countries that if we bring back each poor will get 15 to 20 Lacks ”

    He does not saysay he willwget this money. He says if we bring this.

    That is exactly what willwmake the differencedifference. make


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