Why should I bother about what Jaitley says or he doesn’t say, I can directly talk to Amit Shah and PM Modi


In a first sign of growing rift within the BJP, the party’s Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy, said he didn’t give much importance to what the Union Finance Minister had to say.

He was quoted by ANI as saying, “Jaitleyji kya bole, kya nhi bole iss se mujhe kya lena dena. Party pres, PM se mai baat kr sakta hun. (Why should I bother what Jaitley ji says or he doesn’t say. I can directly to the party president and prime minister)”


Swamy on Wednesday had launched a blistering attack against Prime Minister Modi’s chief economic advisor, Arvind Subramanian.

The BJP had wasted no time in issuing a clarification that Swamy’s views on Subramanian did not have the party’s backing.

“BJP does not agree with Subramanian Swamy’s views on govt’s Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian. This is his personal opinion,” PTI quoted BJP as saying.

Jaitley had later said that Subramanian enjoyed full backing of the government Swamy’s comments were his personal views.

On Thursday, Swamy said he would suspend his campaign against the CEA if the BJP accepted it knew everything about Subramanian and still declared him an asset.


  1. Dr swami Sachha Desh bhakt hai and wt is he doing or saying that is ultimately benefits Hindustan ko hi hai after all Desh se imp koe nahi hota.

  2. Su Swa can’t go this far without some back-support for him from some quarters. Now, either BJP should bell this cat the sooner or face the music.


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