When Arnab Goswami blamed ‘intern’ Raghuram Rajan and not Arun Jaitley for Mallya-gate and other economic woes


Times Now editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, evoked sharp reactions for his channel’s allegedly ‘biased’ coverage on Salman Khan’s rape comments on Tuesday.

Many questioned his ‘sanity’ on social media while others felt that the man who considered himself as the ‘voice of the nation’ was simply chasing TRP on an otherwise dull day in office.


However, a night before, Goswami’s questionable role as moderator on his popular prime time show Newshour too had under scrutiny.

On Monday night, one of the topics dominating Goswami’s debate was Raghuram Rajan’s decision to move on and not seek the second term as the RBI Governor.

The development had taken place over the weekend, when the charismatic governor had send an all-staff email in the federal bank.

Rajan’s message was made widely available through the RBI website.

But, on Monday night, Goswami felt that in his wisdom the RBI Governor, who enjoyed international fame and respect, had acted like an amateurish ‘intern.’

Goswami accused Rajan of having “leaked” the news of his departure to allegedly strike a deal with the government.

Goswami thundered, “You’re an RBI governor. You do not behave like an intern in a private sector company that you want to resign and put pressure on your employer, so you leak the story of your resignation on a Saturday evening at 5 O’clock without having put in your resignation, hoping that your colleagues and the rest of the world will build pressure on your behalf over a Sunday and that your employer in turn will be forced to take back your resignation and give you an exalted position by a Monday.”

The RBI never leaked the news of him not accepting second term. It was in public domain through the official website of the RBI.

The anchor, as observed by Scoopwhoop website, was in no mood to stop here.

He continued, “Where in the world does this happen? Why did Raghuram Rajan try to do this amateurish, childish, questionable act on Saturday evening?”

Often accused of being soft on BJP, the anchor soon made it clear why he was giving a public dressing down to an otherwise fairly successful RBI governor.

Wanting Rajan to own “all that went wrong between 2007 and 2014,” Goswami said, “he (Rajan) is somebody who held various appointments during the UPA tenure.”

And this wasn’t enough. He blamed Rajan and not Arun Jaitley, who hold finance ministry, for Mallya-gate.

He asked, “Could Raghuram Rajan have done something earlier to stop Mallya-gate from happening? Who in the world benefits from high interest rates? The only people who benefit from high interest rates is not the middle-class Indian wanting to take an EMI; it is the really rich FII (Foreign Institutional Investor) investing in India. So was Raghuram Rajan serving the interests of the FIIs?”


  1. How many of you remember when Swamy told everyone that Raghuram Rajan had set a time bomb which will explode in Dec 2016.

    Many ignorants laughed at him.
    Let us know his secret deeds naked. No Media will expose him. Raghuram Rajan knows it. See below

    In 2008 USA was in economical disaster and its main banking system collapsed. At that time Raghuram Rajan was sent to India and at the same time Western Media made this guy a champion and claimed that He predicted 2008 disaster which was bullshit.

    Till 2013 Raghuram Rajan was well settled and this guy gets post of RBI Governor. Just after he become Governor, he devalued Indian currency and Rupee started falling.

    Then citing reasons of Rupee fall he purchased 28 billion USD bonds which helped USA to recover feom disaster.

    Most surprising fact, He while purchasing 28 billion USD bonds put maturity date as Dec 2016 which is post retirement.

    Now Indian Banks have to pay this 28 billion USD to USA.

    Do you know What the amount is ? 1.33 lakh crore and this has to returned till December.

    Hope you understand the reason of MODI’s visit to USA.

    Our Foreign Currency Reserve is at present 363 billion USD which will help us to recover.

    But Certainly it is a burden. 28 billion USD is not a small amount.

    Hopefully you will understand. Fact is fact.

    And that why he does not want to continue.

    And thats why congress is supporting him.

    Dr. Subramaniam Swamy attacks ONLY after doing thorough RESEARCH & HOME WORK.

  2. Goswami should know there is nothing like resignation for the contract mode of 3 years. Please stop taking about Raghuram Rajan. Everybody knows you work for BJP. Please stop this nonesense.

  3. Mr Arnab Goswami only knows how to shout, yes correctly it said he only wants to increase TRP. He his no where to judge the decision of a Governor of RBI. Let people decide whether GOVERNOR is right or wrong about his decision.

  4. Arnab is known for his cheap journalism… he needs to
    be treated with logical common sense inducing medicines….

  5. you are more biased than him ..i mean your website.I agree with goswami on this one.rajan jumped into the manufactured intolerance debate against the government and tried to manipulate it.when you can see modi working so hard with hardly any money to his name working above 20 hours a day,literally begging investors to invest in india and the elitist , upper middle class rajan has only to say that its a ‘one eyed man in land of the blind’,i agree with goswami he tried to manipulate the government once again.rajan is good at what he does but you don’t play politics as RBI governor.only CJI has been able to manipulate government by crying for shortage of jury in supreme court in front of modi and later on getting i think 5 juries of his choice into supreme court by sending a letter of recommendation.as far as goswami is concerned i have seen the ‘other’ media ganging up on him in the the JNU case and also last year.you people just don’t like his influence do you?he has carved out a path for himself by going against the wind at what he felt was right.while the others are just a ‘DUST IN THE WIND’

  6. Earlier I thought that he was one of the neutral hosts that we have, when I started seeing his shows, it was proved that he was not. He has been on congress bashing and bashing others who are connected to congress may be like a flight between San Fransico and Istanbul. Its high time that someone give this CHAP a public dressing down, the way he has been doing to others.

  7. Of late I feel Times Now .newshour is a Presstitute program. The agenda and stance is prefixed according to weight of the hidden agenda. This very Arnab has praised and supported Rajan’s ideas in the past .suddenly he has become the villain? .Rajan is a no nonsense ,clear headed central banker.those crony capitalists whose tails are under fire bcoz suddenly banks are calling on the defaulters and treading cautiously on fresh extensions. Rajan did the right thing by going public with his resignation preempting the stock market from taking advantage of his exit.

  8. A.Goswami a journalist is the stop,…and debate O.K….discussing about is not, wise from the current RBI governor is excellent;
    ‘Swamy’ is mentally ill on ram / saffron / bajrang colour’s


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