AirAsia announces big sale, tickets as low as Rs 799


The budget airlines AirAsia on Monday announced what it called a ‘Big Sale’ promotional offer, which will see tickets priced from an all-inclusive Rs 799.

This promotional is only applicable if you are planning to travel between February 15, 2016 and August 31, 2016. The last date to avail this offer will be on June 28, 2015.

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Here are the promotional prices for various sectors on AirAsia:

Bengaluru-Kochi- Rs 799

Bengaluru-Pune- Rs 999

Bengaluru-Goa-  Rs 999

Bengaluru-Visakhapatnam-  Rs 999

Bengaluru-Jaipur- Rs 1,599

Bengaluru-Chandigarh- Rs 1,799

Bengaluru-New Delhi-  Rs 1,999

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Many domestic airlines have come up with promotional offers in the recent times. These exercises saw a significant rise in their number of passengers.

Domestic airlines carried 251 lakh passengers during January-April 2015- more than 45 lakh for the same uarter a year ago.

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