Insensitivity key to be a politician: Azim Premji


Founder of India’s IT major, Wipro, Azim Premji, on Saturday said that one of the key requirements to be a politician was to be insensitive.

Speaking at an IIM event, the IT czar said, “you should cultivate a sense of insensitivity to be in politics”.

“Why am I not in politics? Because I think it would have killed me in a couple of years. One would definitely encourage talented people to join government and to join politics, the issue is do they have a mental make-up for it?” the billionaire philanthropist businessman was quoted by PTI.

Premji, who has given away almost half his stake in Wipro to philanthropy, was in conversation with IIM board chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw on ‘the business of philanthropy’.

Asked about the 2 per cent CSR mandate, he said: “In principle, I don’t like mandate. So, I would object to a 2 per cent mandate…. I think what is good is they have left it up to the governance committee of the company to decide the priority of usage of those funds, all one can wish for is that companies utilise those funds honestly and don’t substitute their own personal charity with company funds.”

He said that the reason Indians don’t give away much of their wealth, compared to Americans who are leaders in giving, is because families are larger in terms of interrelationships and wealth share.

The second reason would be that the majority of Indians believe they must leave their wealth to their children. “I think the most generous part of India is south India,” Premji said.


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