3 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Nursery Rhymes


nursery rhymes

For centuries, nursery rhymes have been a source of learning for young kids. These rhymes have been passed down from one generation to another. While these nursery rhymes possess the ability to entertain both children and adults alike, they also help learn valuable moral and life term insurance lessons through the subliminal messages veiled inside the hummable verses.

As children, nursery rhymes are some of the first life lessons that we receive in our lives. Growing up, however, most of us tend to forget what we learnt from these gems and are left wanting the right inspiration, especially when it comes to emotional or financial matters. We must take some time off to listen and dissect these nursery rhymes to unearth the implied message. Here are a few valuable life lessons that you can learn from the rhymes that you learnt in school –

  1. Humpty Dumpty

One of the most popular nursery rhymes of all time, the story of Humpty Dumpty, tells us the importance of understanding our strengths and vulnerabilities. At the same time, the rhyme also emphasizes the importance of safeguarding self and those around us from any unforeseen circumstances. Remember, how Humpty Dumpty had a ‘great fall’ from the high wall and later, not even all of King’s men and horses could put him back together?

It is the same with life and its unpredictability. As a family person, it is your responsibility to protect yourself against any eventuality. Otherwise, even a single tragic incidence can put your loved ones in an emotional and financial crisis. When you buy life insurance, you help create a financial safety net for yourself and your loved ones against life’s uncertainties, including life-threatening ailments and even death.

  1. Baba Black Sheep

Baba Black Sheep is surprisingly fun to hum repeatedly. Apart from that, the rhyme also explains the importance of systematic financial planning and security in life. In the rhyme, the sheep has three bags full of wool – one for the master, one of the dame, and then one bag for the little boy who lives down the lane. Although it would have been easier to have all the wool into one bag, the sheep knew better and divided the yarn into different bags.

In terms of investments, the same principle holds water – instead of putting all your savings into one place, it is better to divide and invest it into different instruments. The choice of investment scheme would depend on your goals and financial requirement. For example, you can invest in a life term insurance to provide life-long coverage, while remaining invested in a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (or ULIP) for supporting your child’s education.

  1. Jack and Jill

The lesson here is that life is full of uncertainties. In the nursery rhyme, both Jack and Jill did go up a hill to get some water; however, Jack somehow loses his footing and comes tumbling the slope, injuring himself. Jill too, follows suit and comes crashing down the slope after Jack. Both of them were not aware that anything such as this could happen to them, which is why Jack’s crown was broken.

In real life, you may face adverse situations that can seriously affect your and your family’s wellbeing. Therefore, you need some form of security, in the form of life insurance to secure your family’s health. Having life term insurance can help you include additional financial coverage in the form of critical illness cover. In a nutshell, life term insurance with critical illness cover would help cover treatment costs for several life threatening ailments, including cancer and liver failures.

Protect Your Family with Term Life Insurance

As a child, we may not make understand the life lessons hidden under popular nursery rhymes. However, as we get older, we develop the ability to dissect the subliminal message that each of these innocent jingles have and correlate them with our lives. Whether it is Humpty Dumpty or Jack & Jill, these rhymes have one thing in common – they comment on how uncertain life is and what could happen if we are not prepared to deal with the fickleness of the future.

We cannot always let go of things and plan to deal with unforeseen situations as and when they come. We must be proactive in making the preparations and that is why buying life insurance becomes a necessity. Life term insurance plans from reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance help you create a robust financial safety net against life’s uncertainties, so that you are never left wanting. Having life term insurance also help protect your family financially in case something happens to you.


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