“Zee News, Aaj Tak, Times Now and NewsX are not going to tell you the truth about Kashmir”


By juxtaposing my photos with the images of a slain militant commander, a section of national media has once again fallen back upon its conventional savagery that cashes on falsehoods, divides people and creates more hatred.

At a moment when Kashmir is mourning its dead, the propaganda and provocation being dished out from red and blue newsrooms is breeding more alienation and anger in Kashmir than what the Indian state can manage.

Personal vulnerability apart, the very fact of becoming a part of a ridiculous debate is something which has disturbed me very much. Have I joined IAS to do a job or to become a part of your sadistic propaganda machine? In fact, when I qualified this exam I never thought of spending my whole life scratching the desk and if this nonsense around me continues, I might prefer to resign sooner than later.

I am adding to what my younger colleague Yasin Chaudhary had said earlier in his Facebook post. Zee News, Aaj Tak, Times Now and NewsX are not going to tell you the truth about Kashmir. Please mind your head.

And then, when a state kills and maims its own citizens, it’s self-injury and self-decimation of the worst sort. No Government can distance itself from the pain of its people and all out efforts are being made to contain this crisis and reach out to youth. It is going to take time.

Till then we have to steer safe from spoilers who want to set Kashmir valley on fire just for the sake of TRP.

Let’s pray for those who lost their lives and their eyesight in the ongoing turmoil in Kashmir and stand by one another in this moment of truth. I didn’t have net access all this while and today once I saw my timeline, I realised it was the time to speak up.

Inalillahi wa Ina-ilaihi rajioon.

(Shah Faesal became the first Kashmiri to top the civil services exam in 2010. Views expressed here are his own and jantakareporter.com doesn’t subscribe to them. The content above first appeared on his Facebook page.)


  1. Appreciated. I believe this media channels have forgot the basics of their role in an emerging nation like ours. We should boycott and abolish this channels, whose intend is to make money by showing the negative side of a situation adding masalas.

  2. Wani was a terrorist and every terrorist has no rights of an ordinary citizen. To add every so called citizen who supports such terrorists should be dealt with like a terrorist. A free Kashmir is a larger Pakistan I.e. Another drainage breeding terrorists

  3. The hurt and desperation in the words of both Yasin Choudhary and Shah Faisal is evident. Why do channels these days are stuck with TRPs and breaking news, in the long run it is going to break us as fellow citizens.
    It is not just Kashmir which has this problem, it is there in Kerala, in Maharashtra .We live in denial by not addressing the real issue. Saying all is well is not enough rest the minds, of the young who ate frustrated and highly educated both at the same time.
    Coming to power should not be the goals for political parties, work for the people to stay in power without difficulty should be the idea.

  4. Maybe he’s right .
    Its time someone clamped on Arnab … The State is being aggressive in the name of the country and the name of its citizens . Right or wrong ? Each one will look at it from their own perspective .
    Even kashmiris are citizens . There is something definitely wrong here .
    With retorts like “porkistan ‘ abusive words against any one who has an opinion other than yours is dangerous. I saw a lot of Kavita CPI activist bashing..Picking one line from her clarification and abusive stuff
    Every soldier that dies is a loss for the country and is not for any ploitical party or individual to call his own .
    This country isn’t the property of any individual based on his or her leanings be it politically or religiously .

    Ask your self ? What if the state has read the whole situation wrong … What happens then ? it will be a massive management disaster, that has been propagated across various governments . But can we as individuals be in a position to judge the state or understand the compulsions of their actions ?
    Hard to judge without a thorough analysis and a rational approach .

    What then ?
    First show restraint till one reads , verifies and sources material that can be relied on . Suggest corrective course to th government ” IF they are wrong ” support them if right .. Stop relying on social media and mainstream NEWS channels for correct information . They feed based on their TRP and hidden agenda .

    for eg : Arnab has Pakistan bashing on news hour every 4th or 5th day . Are any of the participants from Pakistan , decision makers in the current dispensation . if you flip the coin , In India too … Its a big NO … Then what is the purpose of such inflammatory gesturing . if people want to watch a non stage set up watch UFC .

    The fourth pillar of democracy is running wild with their new found powers of inflicting damage and reach to the general citizenry .

  5. Killing security personals is quite okay in the sight of so called humanitarians. They don’t object over the killings of kashmiri pandits as well as cops in valley. But, if security forces kills a terrorist, they started crying . Are you aware of fact that mob is targeting government properties as well as security personals vehicles.
    You think that cops can control situation by gifting flowers to militants as well as stone Peters. This is nothing but illusion.

  6. When Kashmiri people are at receiving end they always cry foul play but when they are proactive and instigate armed forces by their brutal deeds, they rejoice.

    This is unfortunate but Shouldn’t they think twice before instigating armed forces, who are trained to be merciless.

    • Kar chup baty,ask these forces,they starts weeping when we are attacking on them,they are fighting with guns,we are fighting with only stones ask them they Will tell you,it is easy for you to say like that,but they knows the reality,becose they r in kashmire,your forces knows us Better Then you.and if you people acpet Bagat singh was the terriorest,Then we are terriorest,if your bagat singh is the freedom Fighter,why not oure burhan byee,and for your Kinder information Britsh Also called bagat singh as a terriorest,except it( Lol).

      • That is a emotional & illogical argument. Bhagat Singh was fighting when India was under occupation of British. There was no democracy. You guys are fighting because you see Democratic India as “hindus” and yourself as “Muslims”..which is nothing but a line of thought taken from Pakistan. If Burhan was a terrorist, he picked up gun against Indian forces. And know this- He who picks up gun against Indian army will be killed. Period.

  7. It would be nice to know about how he feels about the Kashmiri Pandits cleansing from the valley. We are very interested to know a Kashmiri Muslim’s version of the ethnic driving away of Hindus. It is amazing that anybody can take potshots at the government including IAS officers but only selectively. The Muslim moderates of the country have a great responsibility now and we expect a lot from them.

    • It would also be nice to know about how you feel about the ethnic cleansing of Indian Muslims too in various places across the history? With most recent large-scale “incident” taking place at Godhra. Expecting you won’t start that usual “train-burning” rhetoric again, because then you need to do a research about that “incident” (do it at least on Wikipedia) first. 🙂 As for a Kashmiri Muslim’s take, have you ever heard about Quora®? :/

      P.S. Expecting reply only from you, no one else needs to interfere (read: attack). 😐

  8. It is heart rendering to see that an Officer of the Union has nothing to say against the slain deadly militant and is choosing to call his own armed forces as perpetrators of violence. Although this qualifies for downright sedition, specially by an officer who is supposed to uphold the rights and duties of the state, the moot point is that in doing so, the young officer has again exposed his radical views and although basking in the glory of being an IAS, he is actually preaching terrorism by only praying for the stone pelters but not for the hundreds of Armed Forces that were brutally killed in the terrorism related violence, not to say of the hundreds of thousands of the Kashmiri Pandits that have been driven away from their ancestral homelands. You might have been off the net for a while, but when was the last time you read the obituary prayer for a member of the armed forces or an innocent member of the public killed by the terrorists?? Shame on you, Mr. Officer, Our great country does not deserve to have a seditionist terrorist like you as an IAS. Shame Shame !!

  9. what is the truth then? why don’t u tell it in this post? violence done by people of Kashmir cannot be justified by any so called truth. if you want change, join the political process, get elected then have ur say. guns don’t represent voice of all people.

    • Assuming your point (read: prediction/speculation) is correct that he sympathises with the “plight” of Kashmiris, won’t he be called “separatist=terrorist” then (given your point)?? 🙂

  10. Forget Kashmir we want Pakistan back because what is ours is our.We Indians have suffered a lot more than you Kashmiris for last 68 years #EnoughisEnough

  11. Are you guys even aware that there are 14 Javans who were killed in this ongoing protests. What about citizens killing the people who are supposed to save them?

  12. It’s quite perverse for these rabid channels to use someone like this without seeking any expressed consent. They are actually creating a binary and endangering him while sitting comfortably far away in their majoritarian studios. The stupidity knows no bounds either. There is only so much force a state can apply before it’s legitimacy gets void these days. And an issue like Kashmir can stay dormant at best but never dead considering that its claimed by another nation.So unless that claim is either settled through war or diplomacy it’s best to keep it dormant internally. Otherwise it’s counterproductive to Indian objectives. TRP driven media is what VK Singh described best as.

  13. Do not play politics …. Country is bigger than any party. All Indian should First think about Country, Second your Party whose ideology match with you and Third your Family.

    Congress & BJP become National party due to their ideology not for vote politics to become their supreme leader become Prime minister….

  14. This gentleman , the IAS topper 2009 from Kashmir , has a mindset of his own – he appears to be more Kashmiri than Indian . I hope he develops a balanced mind . Good luck to him in his search for a meaning in life .

    He always has the option of being a Kashmiri Muslim or an Indian administrator taking a vow underror the Indian Constitution.

    • There’s nothing wrong in being more inclined towards your region than rest of the regions of the sovereign state you fall under! Period. 😐

  15. Kashmir belong to every indian…without any doubt..because from 1947 our troops have lost or given their live fr indias unity…..so the peoples of kashmir …who r u to decide the fate of kashmir…. take our opinion also….we say to every kashmiri…we r not in any mood fr the separation of kashmir…. or never be ever…we proud of our soldiers…. jai HIND

  16. there is no end of this game .pak is a smaller country than india and pak will never have kasmir on it side .we will not give .so pak will go on recruiting militants and india will add more javans .ultimately kasmiries will suffer .they should know india has more muslims than whole pak ie 30 crores ..stop tourism and electricity food supply and dont purchase apples bats and pasmina from kasmir .paki people have no buying capacity

  17. When Kashmir is flooded, u ppl scream for rescue by Indian Army. Later you stone them because a terrorist was killed by them. They were just doing their duty.Becoz of this,whole of India thinks all Kashmiri Muslims are thankless, and selfish, and has to be dealt strictly.. Remember, ppl shooting at security forces can’t be so innocent.

  18. Wow, how heroic that sounds , supporting the Pakistani.., killing a terrorist is fault of Indian army ! , IAS .. Shame ! Read about India first..,if separatists are able to provoking innocent Kashmiris it’s because of people like you , holding the wrong end of education..! Today whole India is united ..more powerful than ever .., we can only be part of solution not problem ! So ..I hope .. government India should just shut you up .. because being a IAS .., you lost the credibility..! Find a new job … I hope this stunt of playing with sovereignty of country, and misguiding Kashmiri youth .., and decreasing the most desired job’s integrity will cost you … This job ..! As you are more dangerous than those separatists ,dpolitician and even hafij sayeed !

  19. When a crowd attacks an armed police, security guard or paramilitary force anywhere in the world then what the crowd expects him to do ? Keep quiet ?

  20. Mr shah Faisal, if its really you, why do you think responsibility of peace falls only on govt. Nd no citizens. When CRPF people,police nd security forces are killed by millitants kashmir valley people rejoice nd dont feel bad, but when armed forces kill back these millitants, you ask restraint from them. Are you out of your mind or what. I had sympathy with law abidiing normal citizens of kashmir valley, but how can I sympathize with people who regulary kill my army nd police men, hoist pakistani flag, nd do other bull shit nd yet cry from mercy nd azaadi frm India. If people from kashmir valley support violence against armed forces, they should be ready to get it back in return. You can ask for support with logic not nonsense .When people support terrorist like Burhan nd violence they will not get support from ordinary Indian, nd rather those people deserve to reach hell like Burhan.You will need to understand this sooner or later,or cry pakistan -2 all the time for azaadi….

  21. Mr. Faisal I am no Modi Bhakt and I respect your sentiments but you are also only going in circles and merely making an “emotional argument”. I would turn your argument on its head and ask you why would a “state kill and maims its own citizens unless it has no other option left?”. Kindly answer:
    1. Should Security forces have allowed Terrorist Burhan to thrive and keep on recruiting young Kashmiris?
    2. How should state treat people who are out on street with blood in their eyes and support for Burhan? And this is not the first time, they have been supporting some of the most dreaded terrorists.
    3. Short of giving in to the main demand of Kashmiris of “self determination”, what cud b the political solution to Kashimir issue which every bleeding heart keep on talking about.
    No abuses here, I am just asking some very genuine questions. Answer now.

  22. Without paying taxes and enjoying all luxuries at the cost of tax payers’money of other parts of the greatest nation on the Earth,how dare you sound injustice?Why Kashmiri pandits were brutally killed?Women raped?Why genocide of Hindus took place?All the time you cry ‘injustice?No content in your points.Most of the moderate youths in valley(most are Muslims)hate selfish Gilani and other Huriyat leaders.They demand devlopement and jobs.You people always have destructive agenda.Shame on you.

  23. If supposed some idiot saying Kashmir is integral part of India then why military kill their own citizen.. Rap , murderer even 13 year girl ,,,how become 10 boy become a terrorist. Stop ducking nonsense.. N big hug to kashmiri remove aspa..inshallah it would be integral part of our country.

  24. Dear gentleman instead of them supposed that you minor sister were be raped n killed then you will hug them.
    Talk about Hindu terrorist… Who destabilize our country..

  25. This guy, Kamal, should be arrested and punished by law. Just this gesture of taking this guy to task can do much service to the nation. It will strengthen people’s faith in our democratic institutions. Otherwise every crook would yell insults on good people in the name of country and think he is s patriot. Such people are extremely dangerous for our country. He is advocating violence and hatred in response to the deep felt agony expressed by this officer. The officer is right about these channels. They have already done great harm to Indians in particular and humanity in general. They benefit just a few and harm the world! Even these few are blind as they are playing with gunpowder and fire. Manish, Rakesh Saran and Himsnshu, you are not listening to what this officer says. People like you are not doing good when you ignore what is being said and bring in your prejudices to color everything in a Hindu Muslim binary. Shame!

    • Couldn’t Agree More! But how could they? For that, they need to have open-mind! But that isn’t possible since they’re “well-fed” by propagandists. 🙁 😐

  26. Good Note
    If you afraid to give your expression that means you are not a human & you feel like a robot.
    Media’s duty is making people aware what happening in world except making people Patriot.

    • Wow!!! Suddenly the very-same media has been stripped-off its “honorary” title called “presstitutes”?!! Oh, how could I forget?? That is because the name-and-shame “game” also includes ‘News X’ and above all, ‘Zee News’ as well. 🙂

  27. Those who thinks that whatever is going on in Kashmir is right.
    Just stay there for some duration.
    Then you will come to know who are innocent and who are trouble makers.

  28. So you think you got an IAS degree in your hands but the kashmiri youths should be handed with guns and suicide bombs?????????????Semi terrorist………..

  29. Five crore British is keeping full control over 160 crore south Asians. How? They have thoroughly domesticated 5% of these South Asians who are the ruling class. They are being bred as loyal poodles and are looking after the interest of Anglo-American West meaning keeping control over natural and human resources in their behalf. Neither India nor Pakistan Governments are able to use the same tactics to keep control over Kashmir counterparts. Simply because these so called leaders of both countries only know how to imitate but are incapable of original thinking. But Anglo-American West are doing their job- they (church and missionaries) have already delinked North-Eastern States from India and Anglophonic ruling class of Asia are more Western than Westerners. It is only a question of time when the whole subcontinent as the largest world market will be under direct control of the west. No wonder that – pro-people Government leaders are under police custody. Problem is not Kashmir but problem is the Government who are here to look after the interest of Anglo-American West.


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