Why this activist thinks there are attempts to create fabricated records by Gujarat University


Roshan Shah

More issues have been highlighted with Tuesday’s register being produced in Ahmedabad Mirror on Narendra Modi’s MA degree.

To me this is a clear attempt to create bogus and fabricated records.

Here are my issues following the publication of the university register in the Ahmedabad newspaper.

  • How come Narendra Modi’s computerised data (name change) in successive years if data was computerised and in master table?
  • If Modi was an external student and didn’t attend the college, based on which record did GU change his name in second year?
  • The discrepancy has been left on purpose by BJP think-tank so that they can prove that Modi did appear in exams but now they should answer how does master record change?
  • How did the format of the register change only in 9 months between MA1 and MA2?
  • If it is printed in Dot Matrix printer, then how come some names and letters appear in disorderly fashion in the same word? This can be seen all over the place
  • Also from the width, it looks like this is expected to be printed in dot matrix printer as it showed paper roll holes on the side. Obviously Such wide typewriter does not exist but the letters seem to be typed and superimposed. Something is wrong here.
  • Such computerised record registers are generally printed as report via paper roll. It has to have page numbers and records are verified and signed but page numbers, verification and name and signature are missing in the register details carried by Ahmedabad Mirror.
  • Also the date when the register record got printed is missing.
  • Signatory and name of verifier is missing.


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The above checks are performed to ensure university records particularly pertaining to students’ degrees are not tampered with. Without these measures, anyone with access and nefarious motive can tamper with the records by backdating the details.

This looks like more dirty work from Gujarat University.

Roshan Shah is an RTI activist in Ahmedabad. Views expressed here are the author’s own. We welcome contributions to counter the above points


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