Why controversy over Tina Dabi’s UPSC success was sign of glaring ‘Casteism’


Anjali Rajoria

In 2012, the second rank holder in Civil Services Examination Madam Rukmani Riar scored 199 marks in the Preliminary Examination, while the cut off was 198. Which means that if she would have scored 1.5 marks less than her actual score in the prelims, she would probably not have qualified for Prelims, forget about figuring in the Final Merit List.

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So many frustrated candidates who could not make it to the final list but somehow managed to score more than Tina Dabi in the Preliminary stage started claiming that they are more deserving than the topper. And the posts of such frustrated candidates were not dismissed as laughable claims, rather they were widely shared and circulated by aspirants and very sadly, sometimes even by officers (serving and retired both.)

If this is not Casteism, what is? Few days back, a whatsapp message that was being shared on certain groups stated that our society forces women all the time to prove their ‘purity’, for lower castes to prove their ‘merit’ and for minorities to prove their ‘patriotism’… frankly, I am a proud Indian citizen and I did not like that message. But I am forced to think today… Was there some bit of truth in that message?

The author is an IAS officer and the post above appeared on the author’s Facebook page. Views expressed here her own and jantakareporter.com doesn’t subscribe to them.


  1. I did not get it, as per my knowledge question was different.

    1. Lot of people had good score but Tina passed first or second exam below General category and it means se used quota to clear that stage.

    2. Stage 2 she did well and top.

    Now if there is no quota then chance would have given to more deserving people.

    Lets look at other angle, her parents are much capable and affords high education even I seen him pic in abroad. So it means despite capability she used quota.

    So in short although she were topper if used quota and despite being financial capable. which does note sound right, I believe that this guys means. I wish her best of luck but truth is reservation can not reach more deserving or will end in future.

  2. Second if she has not used quota she could have not cleared prelimss,and even did not have a chance to sit in final,look with other angel,many other people who got more marks than her ,even though they have not cleared prelims,if they also got opportunity to sit in final,they could have cleared finals and interview,soon if Tina can achieve good rank ,other people also can get good rankk


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