This Ahmedabad-based RTI activist is giving up Hindu religion because of PM Modi


1) President of India
2) Chief Justice of India
3) Director General of Police, Gujarat
4) Chief Justice of Gujarat via Registar Gujarat High Court.
Dear Sir(s),

It is with deep regret that I have to announce that I am giving up Hindu Religion. Going further, I shall not write my religion as Hindu in any document anywhere in the world.







This is due to the fraud of following persons in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had directly influenced police and judiciary and the fraud happened at the time when doctors gave up on my life in year 2000 and just because these persons were close to BJP/RSS and from Narendra Modi’s Maninagar constituency, they were untouched in FIR I200/04.

Court files went missing and judges gave judgments without looking at material evidence. After 16 long years of fight, it is still a shame that judiciary is behaving this way under political influence. All court proceedings should be video recorded to avoid miscarriage of justice.

I pity such judges who sit on the chair to give justice but are corrupt from top to bottom or work under influence.

I grew up listening to my parents and grandparents, who were also disappointed with judiciary in India. My dad lost significant money in real estate when builder from Ranip ran away with his money and my grandma lost ancestors’ house in Nadiad to tenant who occupied the house and wouldn’t vacate it in long judicial battle.

I had heard those stories many times in family but never imagined that I would have to see courts in life but unfortunately thugs are all over in Gujarat and when I returned as NRI to invest here, I didn’t realise that people are not straight here.

Being educated, I had faith that if logical arguments and evidence are solid, law will not spare anyone but today I realised and experienced that it is also a myth in India as Judge in this case of FIR 200/04 totally ignored documentary evidence and arguments and delivered judgement to favor the accused.

My lawyer was fuming when judgement was delivered yesterday and he also cursed the system telling that the judge totally ignored evidence on record and believed that judgement was given under political influence.

I am a Canadian Citizen who declare today that if India has Modi who continues to influence judiciary like this and if he is what Hinduism stand for, I am immediately giving up my religion.

I also hope that my kids will settle overseas and never return back. If they do, it will be their biggest mistake in life as this nation is nation of thugs and fraudsters today where delayed justice and miscarriage of justice is the new norm.

I was an NRI who invested in Gujarat Model in year 2000 and was duped. Today I am Canadian Citizen. I urge other NRIs to think twice before investing in India because police and judiciary in India today are mere tools in hands of politicians. There is no democracy as such left in India.

Acche Din are never going to come to this nation if this is the way things are going to work here.

Roshan Shah

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