Choice of Salman Khan as Olympics goodwill ambassador is utterly wrong even for his die-hard fans


Dr Kouser Fathima

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been appointed as the Goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics is not going down well with many sports lovers and experts.

There is no denying that Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars of Bollywood but he has also been in news for many wrong reasons.

From hunting endangered animals to the infamous hit and run case in Mumbai, Salman has had the image of “bad boy” of Bollywood.

In the 2002 hit and run case, though he has been acquitted by Bombay High court, a new petition has been filed challenging the acquittal in the Supreme Court.

salman khan

He is also accused of illegal poaching of Black Buck, one of endangered species near Jodhpur in 1998. He was also booked under Arms violation act, the matter is still in court though Salman has pleaded  ‘not guilty.’

Salman has also had a long history of brawls with many of his co-stars and industry people. The most talked about being the one with long time friend Shah Rukh Khan during a birthday party after which their relationships strained.

The news of him being abusive with his ex girlfriend had also caused damage to his reputation. He’s been notorious for being a short tempered and spoiled, yet loved both within the Bollywood fraternity and by millions of movie fans.

He’s also earned a lot of praise because of his exemplary works through his charity Being Human. There have been many stories of Salman Khan going extra miles to help the underprivileged in the society.

And yet Salman has never been a role model for youngsters. No wonder his appointment as the goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics has been received with a plenty of cynicism generating criticism from renowned athletes.

There is no dearth of good sports celebrities in India. Sania Mirza, Sania Nehwal, Mary Kom and many more sports persons are well honoured and famous worldwide. They would have been better representatives than the good-hearted and yet spoiled brat actor.

Salman is great in making Bollywood blockbusters but his appointment as an ambassador especially with court cases pending is surprising even for many of his die-hard fans.

The author is a die-hard fan of Salman Khan, but the views expressed here are her own and doesn’t subscribe to them


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