My best friends are unique, they never left me alone


Dr. Kouser Fathima

In the journey of life, I have made many friends. Some of these were good, some were bad while some were extremely dear.

Also while some have been in my life for a long time, some were lost in the journey leaving behind memories.

Nevertheless, I have always loved and treasured my friends as they meant a lot. Why wouldn’t they?Together we laughed, cried, gossiped and even fought many-a-times .

However, my best friend would always be my books. I was introduced to them at an early age and spent most of the summer in their company .

This was also because among my huge clan of cousins, I had no one of my age group, which means I ended up spending most of my time with books in my hands.

Amazingly, this unique friendship which started in summers soon followed me throughout the year. My new friends did not complain nor asked questions. On the contrary, they opened a whole new world to me, a world so fascinating that I eventually got lost in it.

Sitting in my room, in a few minutes, I would be transported to a new city and a different era, nothing less than an actual time travel.

While Oliver Twist made me feel the pain of orphans, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe was a fantastic experience of its own. Gulliver’s travels had given me new imagination and Nancy Drew brought out the adventurer in me.

Growing up at a time with very less TV & absolutely no internet was indeed a blessing. All I had was my books and my imagination to explore.

As I grew up, my list of friends also grew.

Sherlock Holmes, Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie became my best buddies in my teenage years.

With time, I also made friends with Sidney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Jeffrey Archer & John Grisham. Each time I made a new friend, I was as excited as the first time.

Sadly, however, Shakespeare has remained a mystery to me till this day.

While I was busy with my imaginary friends, I sometimes got introduced to the real people in the real world too. These Autobiographies and books based on historical characters opened a new window. The journey into the bygone era, with their romances and treacherous plots made me lose my sleep.

I spent many sleepless nights trying to finish reading these books. No matter what, the struggle and sacrifice of many great personalities was, is and will always be inspiring. The list of my friends is endless and ever-growing .

Oh but why do I love my friends so much? Because they are always there with me come what may.

Neither do they laugh at me nor get upset. Zero tears, jealousy or competition. Only a healthy realationship which I will cherish all my life.

Not that I am a loner or someone without friends, I have infact met many interesting and lovely people in life. However, still, although live interaction is priceless, my bonding with books is totally unique.

Every time I moved to a new city, I always first went looking for a library or bookstore. Every time I moved out of a city and had to give away some of my books, my heart cried. I always kept rechecking the list just to keep back few in my company.

There were times when people around me failed to understand my love for books and I was even made to feel guilty for spending on them but I and my friends could not be separated.

Our friendship stood the test of time. I even introduced my kids to my friends. Initially, they enjoyed their company but later they got hooked to animated versions of all the characters they came across in books.

Although kids nowadays have more access to animated stories and videos, they are missing the magic created by books.

So today, I dedicate my Friendship Day to my best friends who have been an integral part of my life from my childhood to my kids’ childhood.

Most may find this strange but many would associate with what I have written as only a book lover can understand another.

Happy Friendship Day to all and also to my special friends or should I say Happy Books Day to all book lovers?


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