Maneka Gandhi’s step to deal with online abusers against women must be lauded


Maneka Gandhi’s decision to start a Twitter handle dedicated to complaints about online abuses is a great and commendable step. It was badly needed and shows just how serious the issue of online abuse has become in India. So much so that the minister had to take a step to address it.

Day in and day out women are abused, insulted and openly threatened raising many questions about women’s safety in general.

The abusers use some of the vilest words to address women with the aim being to scare and gag them so no women speaks her mind. Yes at times women also abuse but when one is trolled and abused all the time, some of the women do retaliate with bad words but this in no way justify the hurling of abuses at them.


Men who are offended by use of words like ‘idiot,’ ‘moron’ and ‘dumb wit’ want women to tolerate vilest abuses and rape threats. Some of abuses are so bad that one cringes to even mention them on public forum but these men don’t stop using them. I wonder what language they use in their homes and how they treat the women (wives, daughters and mothers) around them.

These People should realise that not all will have the same opinion as them and they will have different political views and affiliations.

This doesn’t authorise them to threaten women. They can’t stand women who challenge them and airs their opinion without being politically correct. Threatening women with rapes and acid attack seems to be their favourite pastime with no fear of law.

The situation has become too severe to be neglected and the initiative of the minister is a timely act.

It’s time the microblogging site, Twitter, also took action against these abusive accounts with a warning of suspension if they didn’t improve their behaviour.

Steps should also be taken to clean the mess and people irrespective of political affiliation should stand with the abused women. Police and cyber security cells should monitor the social media and keep an eye on abusive handles. Celebrities and famous personalities should come out and speak against the online harassment instead of just giving politically correct statements.


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