I may disagree with Kejriwal but have felt his presence in Delhi


Monami Basu

I have been disappointed with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal lately vis a vis his stand on the “Bharat Mata ki Jai” controversy and some other issues. Also his party’s ideology is not at all aligned with mine.

However I must admit that I have “felt” his presence. I have “felt” there is a government working for us ever since he came to power.

This is how
1. These are the electricity bills for this month, Rs. 800 and Rs. 390 for the two floors of my home. I paid Rs. 1190 total, versus Rs. 5000-6000 I used to pay for the same time of the year which went up to Rs. 18000 for peak summer. I run ACs
2. I get zero water bill now
3. Me and Bappa were cribbing about the 10% hike in school fees this year, we paid up and then got a mail from the school that Delhi government has opposed the hike, whoever has paid the fees will get a refund.
4. Saurabh Bharadwaj our MLA has completely solved our water crisis. CR park used to reel under severe water shortage, people used to wake up at 3am to fill tanks.

Saurabh found out about our problem, replaced the rotting pipes which had never been changed since the colony came up and now we don’t go a day without water which is supplied at a fixed reasonable time 7:30 am for a year now.

He also informs us when due to unavoidable circumstances water supply is disrupted. Not just CR Park, he is quietly going about solving the water problem of all localities in his constituency.
I have heard about the other schemes of AAP like Mohalla clinics etc. but I have not “directly” benefited from them so I will not comment here. Just the stuff I have experienced as a citizen/tax payer.

Now tell me. Give me a list of things that have “directly” benefited you under the Modi government in these two years.

Not newspaper articles on schemes/proposed schemes/Make in India/Stand Up India/Yoga India. Just those things that you have experienced in your personal life.

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The author is a Delhi resident and views expressed here are her own. Jantakareporter.con doesn’t subscribe to them. The blog above first appeared on her Facebook page.


  1. Great article. Pretty sure that AAP will soon form Govt in other northern states and subsequently all of India.

    Modi is only doing a eye wash and fooling the peoples. Working only for corporate. Modi feels that if he ‘improves’ the business of Corporate like Adani and Ambani, they will give Naukari and it will be beneficial. But in long run, Modi does not realize e that these corporate will run the country. Irony !!

  2. Nice articulation of work..Agree but 2main big issues WiFi and other is cctv camera to whole Delhi not seen on the ground ..read that east Delhi will get WiFi by end of year..tat’s good..but cctv must install soon..these will gv direct impact of Delhi governance to whole India..will benefit to end bad General perception of #aap govt to others..#canteen scheme must start soon..in health & education..Delhi govt is doing excellent..salute.
    If we take 26 months of modi govt..and search their direct achievement(s)..couldn’t find..hope they’ll also good in upcoming days.

    • Issue: CCTV camera feeds will be only available to police. Police does not comes under Delhi govt and also have not agreed to share the feed with Delhi govt.

  3. Mind you, the author and supporters of ak. Pls dont compare communist arvind vs modi. He is of no near match to him. If there is any comparison of ak in indian politics, then that should be lalu. Both have got the knack of fooling people. One fool educated people and the later poor people.

    Providing free water and electricity is bad economics, you will be paying double the amount of bill in some time.

    How many jobs have ak created and how many inveatments have ak brought to this country.

    Modi is doing a great work, pls donr compare him to ak but u can compare him to indira or obama or putin


  5. Lets not completely ignore Modi government.
    Swatch Bharath : I personally have seen cleanliness better once the scheme has started.
    Indian Railways : Amazing work by our railway minister Suresh Prabhu. Hats off to him.
    Digital India : There has been extreme betterment in the ways you pursue documents from Government. A lot of those are online and transparent now.

    • My area is still in bad condition and even worse than before..!! Is Ludhiana City been called out of India place ….? and I travel around 20 times in a month in trains and I realize that fares are gone up by 30-40 percent.

  6. Quite an appealing feedback from a Delhi citizen, if its genuine !!

    With an already-incumbent CONgress and craving-to-be-incumbent BJP… AAP stands the only “HONEST” alternative for LS Polls.. If not 2019, then 2024 !! Phoenix will Rise for sure !!

    • A dream come true for a common man, who was fed up of false promises by various political parties. Aap has proved other wise inspite of difficulties created by modi government.

  7. Monami,

    Appreciate you having listed the achievements of AAP government. An honest path is a tough and enduring path which very few people are willing to take. AK if I understand correctly is one of the most hated politicians in India. What I find most surprising is WHY?????
    The names they call him, the abuses he gets is amazing. Have yet to know which other Chief Minister has been abused as much as AK.
    Those who abuse and ridicule him, think, they approve of the other CM’s and their functioning.

  8. I have been disappointed with the cleanliness issue. Can we not have at least The PWD Roads clean and in good order? We were promised Machine Vacuum cleaning of roads. Have not seen one in action. The Manifesto says libraries will be developed – I have not seen or heard of any developments. The AAP Government should advertise a list of the departments they are accountable for. Surely Horticulture is theirs? So the condition of the parks are their responsibility. I know they do not control the police, but what about the traffic lights? More jams are caused by Defective traffic lights then anything else. And just so you know I have consistently voted AAP even contributed.

  9. This is true. Delhi is semi state otherwise clear change is visible because many department is under central govt. Central govt putting a lot of hurdle in path of state govt.

  10. Last part about comparison with Modi is very wrong. Remember Modi is running central government and AK a City-State. Delhi is like a municipality so any work done will be visible to citizens immediately. Whatever a central government does its benefits are spread over a long geography and large number of people. So, it takes a lot of time before people see the benefits of central action.

  11. He has haters outside Delhi,even some hundreds in my frnd list. Who have nt visited Delhi even once. (me too nt a Delhities) Scraping management seats in schools is on the biggest step.

  12. Humaara Bill bhi 15000k aata thha … Now it has gone to 18000 with AC on in summers …
    1000-2000 tak karwa de humaare bills bhi ?

  13. The performance of Kejriwal is dismal and he is devoting his entire time in publicity only.Either he is incompetent or useless, only suitable for running the NGO.The comments written in his favour are by the persons who are his paid stooge.He is big lair.His party is anti women.People in other states should take the lesson from delhi and should not vote for AAP.

  14. Good Governance is far beyond distributing freebies at the cost of national Funds. We are being too selfish if we admire only those things which saved us some money. The cost of electricity remains same, how come the bill amount is less? I guess it is too early for us to say anything for/against anyone. Let’s give them some more time and then pass our judgements.

  15. This cheap traitor can make fool of uneducated cheap people but not having little bit brain. Why he met before elections Dawood in Dubai, God knows how much money he received in Hawala for hidden agenda for the elections in India. He is mouth piece of Germany and Dawood, poor people can never imagine, what this traitor is for poor people can never dream. This is real India.

  16. Madam, can you show us the earlier Electricity Bills that you claimed were very high of those amounts. Will so many fake posts it is difficult to believe who is correct and who is not????? Please justify.

  17. I also disagree with Mr. Kejriwal,s various statements time to time coming from various media sources. It is heartening to say that being a CM, Kejriwal should show his skill/capacity to work within the ambit of his existing power rather beating about the bush.

  18. Before the last Parliament election, I prayed Mr. Modi come to power and save India. Thereafter, each passing day, I became more n more hopeless. Now my only hope is in KEJRIWAL. He is doing exemplary service to Delhites now. Let him have the responsibility to manage India also.

  19. Dear Monami Basu, maam on the Mohalla Clinic that you have not directly been benefited, I would like to share some experience. My driver and cook both have given good feedback about the way these clinic have been operating. Both of them diabetic, have been receive generic medicines free of cost for over one year. They even get their blood sugar tested free of cost. Apparently, the clinics are also well attended and hygienic when compared to old dispensaries. You have rightly pointed out other impactful changes like electricity bill and water supply. No matter how much drama the AAP government does, they sure are working for the common man. Feel good that I casted my vote to them.

  20. The work of AAP is really appreciable despite several hurdles by central government. Hope this party will spread all over the India soon. The upcoming Punjab election will tell the truth.

  21. I am a Delhi resident and the views expressed is fully biased. There is no visible change in Delhi and off course the excuse is always there that the particular dept./body is not under Delhi Govt.

    Electricity bills reduced true but doesnot benefit tenants like me because in Delhi there are 4 floors put on rent with one meter and rest submeters. The main meter with 4 tenants always cross the cutoff units for discounts and landlords keep charging perunit fixed from 7-9 rs per unit depending upon norms of the locality.

    Other facilities and look and feel worsening by every passing day. U can see roads not getting repaired. Roadlights not lit in many important roads.

    The moment you read comparision with Modis work you can make out she is a AAP volunteer/supporter on a AAP favoured platform

  22. बहुत अच्छी बात है । लेकिन बिजली बिल कम होना, पानी बिल कम होना बहुत अच्छी बात है । लेकिन देश सवोर्च्च है । अरविन्द जी से मेरा आगरह है कि कुछ मुद्दे जो देश की अखण्डता से जुड़ी हुईं है उस पर कभी अपनी सिथति असपसट कयों नहीं करते । जैसे बुरहान वानी, तिरंगा का अपमान करने वाले , कसमीर मुद्दे, पाकिस्तानी आतंकवाद, भारतीय सेना, देश बिदेश में आतंकवादी हमलों पर कभी भी शोक वयक्त ना करना कया यही एक अच्छे सासक की सोच होती है? अगर देश सही सलामत रहेगा तभी हम बिजली ……………आदी का फायदा ले सकते हैं । नाईजीरिया, उत्तर कोरिया, अफगानिस्तान, लीबिया, ईराक जैसे देश में आतंकवादी गतिविधियों से ईन देशों की हालात कैसा हो गया है यह किसी से छिपा नहीं है। इससे तो हमें भले हीदा….. बिजली बिल जयादा देना मंजूर है पर हमारी और देश की असुरक्षा हमें मंजूर नहीं । कयोकि जब देश सुरक्षित होगा तभी हम सुरक्षित होगें ।

  23. Watch TalkToAK episode to know about the work done in Delhi. What are the problem Delhi government is facing & what are the plans for future!

    I think people comments against AAP without knowing the facts! It’s true sometimes he made comments in media which reflects like people hate him! But in the other hand, people should improve their facts to listen both sides & experience it!

    P.S. AAP is in action but irony is that whoever is standing against ModiJi, people hates them without knowing them & their work!

  24. Frankly, I have not benefited an inch of my life though I voted for modi and campaigned for. I will be happy if there is a change in education system. But that’s not happening. Everyone should get free education, not job oriented but to do whatever he or she wants for her/his happiness. Somebody in the above writeup has written about mudra loan, buddy I tried to get 5 lac loan but they gave me only 50 k and eventually I had to close down my business since there was no funding.

  25. Do you expect central govt to make mohalla clinics or fix mohalla pipelines? If so please name one central govt since 1947 which had done it or tell me if Arvind Kejrival is capable of such micro-management if he is the PM. Also let me know if this is the job of central govt then what will state govt do? Increase MLA’s salary? The author clima to be a reporter, yet she has no t even this much comment sense not to compare apples with oranges. But what to do, she is a n AAP supporter and when AK does the same, what more could be expected from her?

    As for Modo’s achievement, I do not follow politics that much but lately have experienced or heard/seen few things which might qualify for some. For die hard AAP supporters, I do not expect them to have a neutral thinking.

    1. Food and cleanliness in railways have improved a lot. Some may say they don’t see any difference coz they haven’t seen it’s of filth below train seats and human hair in veg biryani dripping if water costing 90Rs in 2013. It’s way better now.
    2. So many people gave up their LPG subsidy ( I am sure AAK hasn’t) which helped govt to give LPG connection to many.

    3. Many villages saw electricity in their village first time since 1947.

    4. Make in India: UPA govt killed the indigenous chip making industry in last 10 years. Those are being revived. By changing the laws and subsidies.

    I can write only this much in the reply as per my knowledge, but just want to say 1 thing, a reporter’s report should reflect and entire picture and not just how she felt this morning. You can not compare cleaning road side drainages to cleansing the cast system in Indian mindset.


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