Fine for Modi to do Masters at 33, Anandiben Patel’s son PhD at 46 but not Kanhaiya doing PhD at 29


Roshan Shah

As per media reports, Professor Subodh Malakar, Kanhaiya Kumar’s PhD supervisor has been getting many hate mails.

“But I am not disturbed over such hate mails and abusive messages. I feel proud of my brilliant student, who has made me proud. Kanhaiya has become the victim of the greater conspiracy of the RSS and BJP,” says Malakar, who himself comes from a landless family of Bihar’s Khagaria district. Malakar belongs to ‘panchpania’ caste (mali).

Many have even taken a dig on Kanhaiya Kumar’s presence on JNU campus at the age of 29. Kanhaiya Kumar is a student who completed his M.Phil in 2013 on Senegal and is currently pursuing PhD with his subject being the Post Apartheid South Africa.

Many may not know that the Ph.D stands for ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ and it is in general a broader term not necessarily related to subject ‘Philosophy’.

It is the highest academic degree awarded by universities. To get a Ph.D degree one must come up with original idea and do extensive research on the same under supervision of subject matter expert. There is no age limit when one can do Ph.D.

Kanhaiya Kumar, a month ago, was just an obscure student from poor family trying to finish his Ph.D. He also has a view point and affinity towards a particular ideology like many others do on university campuses up and down the country.

BJP, Congress, AAP, JDU, SP and other political parties too have their own ideologies. In Kanhaiya’s case, he is a student of the JNU.

One questions that’s been raised time and again is that how he could still study in JNU at the age of 29?

I would like to ask the same critics to kindly look at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s affidavit.

Modi, as per his affidavit, did his Bachelors at age of 28 and Masters at age of 33. Both of these are unverified and RTI activists have failed to get any reply on his education credentials.

Even the PMO once had removed Narendra Modi’s degree from their website some time after the AAP leader Jitendra Tomar’s arrest.

Whoever is questioning Kanhaiya’s decision to continue with his study even at 29 must first see the requirements to do Ph.D.

Nothing else should matter if the students has complied with the necessary requirements and he/she is attending his/her classes. That is all that matters. And if they still need food for thought, have them figure out how Anandiben Patel’s son Swetank Patel g0t his Ph.D degree at age of 46 and this too without going to college full time.

Roshan Shah is an Ahmedabad-based activist. The views expressed here the author’s own and doesn’t subscribe to them.


  1. Completely baseless write up. Firstly, there is no proper syllabus of PhD and for this there is no ideal time frame for completing Ph.D. It depends on the question someone raise and how that person answer the question. Technically hypothesis and testing the hypothesis to reach on conclusion. Nothing to do with age.

    • Precisely. That is exactly what this blog says. PhD has no timeframe. Those who challenge Kanhaiya doing PhD at 29 should also see that Anandiben Patels son did PhD at 46 age. There is no time limit.

      • Question is who is paying for his PhD? Anandiben’s son did it without attending regular classes in college, but privately, while he was pursuing his profession as well. It means, he is taking care of his education himself. We all agree, there is no Age Limit for PhD, and nobody really was worried about that part. He has been around in JNU for a decade now, and most likely will be there for another decade too. Anyway, he does not pay for it, does he?

        • Oh. I see you are so much worried about your tax money used to teach Kanhaiya. May be we should stop paying for that. We should not pay 1 by 10 part of 1 PAISA per annum because we can’t afford that huge money. And we should go to a fancy restaurant and have a 7 course dinner for the money saved.

          • Yes..Ma’am. I am worried when my parents tax money goes to those people who participate in anti-national events. You can’t deny that he was not present or involved. Freedom of speech needs better users.. i think

          • “You can’t deny that he was not present or involved” .. then why did police said in court that there is no evidence against him. why court gave him bail in a non-bailable offence. i hope you will not have more information on this case than police and judge

          • Madam
            His doctoral research on post apartheid africa is not going to feed one hungry stomach in india.waste of time pursuing these irrelevant courses.whether you spend one rupee or thousand rupees…it is all money down the drain.

          • Who’s PHD or any other degree feeds a hungry stomach? He is a Sociology student and wants to become a teacher as he himself said.
            Public education is there to improve the education level of the citizens and especially to provide education to financially week in the society and its working as expected.

          • Ofcourse why should we pay to fund kanhaiya’s education. We pay taxes to govt so that they can build a stronger nation and not feed terrorists and anti nationals. And as far as going to a fancy restaurant is concerned, coz we are earning and have made ourselves capable of it, we will surely do that and you are no one to question us on how we chose to spend what we earn with our hard work.

          • yes would prefer to save the money and use it to give financial help to poor kids in the locality rather than spending it on people like kanaiya. Why do you people always feel that the money we save goes into dinners in fancy restaurants. Open your mind . i have seen a lot of poor people from backward class doing the studies by paying themselves and not begging for money like JNU idiots.

        • Kanhaiya has completed his masters degree from Patna University. So you are wrong. He has not “been around in JNU for a decade”. He gets his scholarship and fellowship grants from the University and the UGC.

        • Are you an astrologer that you know he will be in JNU for another decade? Stop making this argument as though you are paying for his PhD. If you are so concerned about the taxes you are paying maybe you should start by finding out how much the Ward member in your area is swindling every year.

  2. “Malakar belongs to ‘panchpania’ caste (mali).”

    Wow who wrote this shit, giving away Caste identity to divide and gain sympathy.

    “To get a Ph.D degree one must come up with original idea and do extensive research on the same under supervision of subject matter expert. ”

    Joke of the century, for doing Non-NET Ph.D there is a great chance that you have to a Boot Licker and ideologically similar to the guide and majority in the institute, in JNU’s its Leftist ideology.

    Tell me one thing is Kanhaiya NET qualified ?? I think no!!

  3. “Malakar belongs to ‘panchpania’ caste (mali).”

    Wow who wrote this shit, giving away Caste identity to divide and gain sympathy.

    “To get a Ph.D degree one must come up with original idea and do extensive research on the same under supervision of subject matter expert. ”

    Joke of the century, for doing Non-NET Ph.D there is a great chance that you have to a Boot Licker and ideologically similar to the guide and majority in the institute, in JNU’s its Leftist ideology.

    Tell me one thing is Kanhaiya NET qualified ?? I think no!!

      • RSS has been around since 1925. Please enlighten us on how many people they have killed. But what you do not want to acknowledge is that during every single natural disaster, the first people who come to the rescue are the RSS Swayamsevaks. They do not expect you to convert your religion for helping you. They do it anyway, without expecting anything in return. Can you deny it? Everyone knows the Soul Harvesting that happened during Tsunami in 2004. But RSS will never do this. They only believe in Selfless Service.

        • IN Chennai floods many mosques helped people with free food and lodging. Did they want everyone to convert to Islam?

          • RSS kills people? Haha…they stand for preserving indian culture. I agree there are few people in RSS who give hate speeches but can’t compare with LeT or ISIS. Don’t you think you are being little generous on ISIS?

          • Now you come up with ISIS. The problem you see is that typical Modi follower can’t be hooked on one thought.. once they get trapped, they switch to something else.. The topic was on PhD and see where you are taking the comments to.

          • Woh… it means LeT is different than ISIS. They are not producing terrorists?
            Haha.. and RSS is producing such..
            Why you are so allergic to RSS and modi? This man as our PM has never spoke as hindu/muslim
            Like your Congress did for votebank politics.
            Who did PhD at what age is never a real question.

          • So again off the hook and allegation. So another bogus argument is tagging me as “Congress” person. Again typical Modi fan style. I have got inquiries initiated against congress MLAs who broke Assembly furniture in Gujarat and also Congress Shankersinh Vaghela 1700 cr scam. Your BJP govt itself failed to initiate inquiry against Sonia Gandhi foreign wealth. Try and file a grievance and see what reply you get when you demand action against Gandhi Family. BJP and Congress both are hand in glove.

          • hahaha….we don’t switch topics like the JNU students. Every time they’re out to say something they bring up a new problem and direct it to BJP. in kanhaiya’s after release speech he did not peak about afzal guru once…the topic about which this all is about..and started blabbering about reservations towards the end.

          • So? Can’t they speak against BJP? Why not?
            Can’t they talk about reservation? Why not?

            Only politicians have right to speak and talk about issues in country?

            And if you talk about Afzal Guru, also talk about 13 Congress and 6 BJP MLAs who vandalized Assembly furniture during session.. Isn’t that equally criminal to do such a thing under oath? Find out the status of that FIR? Arrested? Imprisoned? Hanged? No!! MLAs can terrorise assembly.. isn’t it?

        • RSS is same organization which was involved in malegaon blast, samjhota express blast. no different than terrorist organization

  4. I only have one question: How is his ‘research’ on Senegal and South Africa going to help India? I believe no one is questioning his age for doing PhD but when he is spending his years at JNU he is spending taxpayers’ money, getting all kinds of freebies.

    • How does Sanskrit Language help in schools? How many people communicate with each other in Sanskrit in India for just 30 mins?

      I would love to see two persons talking in Sanskrit for 30 mins.. still it is taught in most schools… That is trusted on kids but here this one is elected by him.

      Why do NRIs study US/Canada/Australia etc history and even take oath of thier constitution, they study here and settle abroad. Suggest how to get that money back.

      Every year over 2,50,000 people permanently leave this country after getting educated here.

      • Because we in India prefer Reservation over Merit. We talk about getting rid of Caste, but nobody wants to get rid of Caste-based Reservation. People convert to Christianity, but do not let go of their Caste. They carry it with them. Now we have Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims too. Isn’t that an irony? You wanted to get rid of Dalit Tag by Converting, and then call yourself Dalit Christian. Amazing logic.

    • We can only afford academic research, but westerners pack their back pack and even come to learn about India. Why do such developed culture need to do it? Exploring for values? An English guy started an adventure trip through India, China etc. One of his aim is to live within StgPounds.20/- a day. It might be difficult in Europe, but 20 pounds = Rs.2000 – lots of money in India. So will he learn lessons in Cost Quality efficiency in living?

  5. Getting a Ph.D. in India is a child’s play, compared to stringent requirements in the US universities. In India, all one has to do after getting a Master’s degree is to find an agreeable Adviser (I understand one pays to get one), get admitted to the University and start research. In the USA, first of all, you have to take required ‘core’ courses, pass them all, then take candidacy exam, pass it, then write an abstract of the research area you will be doing, get that approved, get an adviser and ONLY then start your research. No wonder, every other person in India has a ‘Ph.D’ !!

  6. The Author mentioned a very valid point “Anandiben Patel’s son Swetank Patel g0t his Ph.D degree at age of 46 and this too without going to college full time”. Exactly, while he was earning, he pursued his PhD and got it. There is no age limit, we all agree with that. Coming from a poor family, what should be your priority? To earn and take care of your family. Yet, this guy does not seem to have any interest in this. If my assessment is right, you will find both Umar Khaled and Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU pursuing PhD after PhD even after 10 years. Most of us study so that we can earn a living. But “studying” in JNU seems to be the only mission for these guys. Sad state of affairs.

  7. Well the point here is, at the age of 29, along with doing phd, he should be supporting his family by earning something, rather than wasting his time in student politics.

  8. Well one thing bothers me…if his family is so poor as they say he is…how come he’s studying so late instead of working normally financially crunch family children start applying for jobs soon ASAP..after grad max post grad…unless he’s getting paid to procrastinate his phD course since he’s getting free lodging eating and also practicing allowance …! Why make him a hero who’s communist to the core..and what is he doing his phd on african culture…yeah ryt…! Cmon does dat mean he’s goin to africa? And what has african culture got to do with politics sloganeering howling communal slogans unless JNU is a hell hole for left communal politics

    • Today there is news that JNU bags president award for innovation and research. That should answer your question on why JNU and why study late.

    • Maybe after doing his PhD his chances of getting a better job go up. Who knows maybe he could join a think tank that needs research associates for Africa related research. Or maybe as he said he could become a teacher as he himself said.

  9. No issues here.The subject he has chosen has no relevance to the Aamadmi,the farmer,the jawan ,the marginalised,the very poor depressed classes….these guys make tamasha with these highly irrelevant hyped up doctoral degrees.Of what use is his degree in a topic that will not help him to do anything useful in life….jnu as an institution has itself become irrelevant with these parasites.

  10. हमारे देश मे 29 साल का छात्र और 46 साल का युवा होता .

    एक हम ही पागल थे 22 साल मे पढ़ाई पूरी करके काम धंधे पर लग गए और टैक्स भी दे रहे है

      • Bhai bina himmat kiye hi Job nahi milta hai !!! Or agar we are paying something to government !!! Then we have rights to know where and for whom that fund will be utilized. Agar aap PhD kar rahe ho to ham pe ehshan nahi kar rahe ho but agar ham tax pay kar rahe rahe to hame himmat hai ki puchhe hamara tax amount aap kahan expense kar rahe ho.

        • i meant ..himmat padne ki.. abi job to jamadaar bhi karta hai. i agree, if you are paying tax you have right to know, but you are not paying directly to kanhaiyya. you are paying to govt and govt is giving money to JNU. hamare lakho karodo ka tax ka paisa corporates ko baant diya jata hai tab koi tax money ki baat nhi krta. lakho karodo rupiyaa corruption mai doob jata hai tab koi tax money ki baat nhi krta. tax money ki baat tab hi hoti hai jab koi BJP par comment krta hai. PhD karke tumpe personally koi ehsaan nhi kar rha but society par zarur kar rha hai. Govt mai kitne hi log jo JNU se PhD kiye hue hai aur policy formation mai help krte hia.

          • First of all Mr. Sagar jee, I am a Senior Software Engineer so please don’t say about Job of jamadaar. I think I paid near about 3 lacs per year tax and if you have any doubt so I can give you my PAN card number to verify that. I am not pointing to Kanhaiya but pointing to govt. cozz why they provide fund for that people who do believe in this Country, Law and Army.Kripya karke hame ye bataye Mr. Kanhaiya jinke father or mother bahut garib hai unko us hal me chhor kar oo kashmir ki bat kar raha hai !!! Bhai pehle tum jahan se belong karte ho uspe to dhyan do. Shayad isi ko kehte hai “Diya tale Andhera” . Or haan I am not pointing whole JNU. Because there are lots of genuine needy student there.

          • if you are SSE, I am also a Team lead :).Jamadar remark was not about designation, it was about skills. as far as ‘kashmir ki bat kar raha hai !” – this is your perception, as far as evidence is concerned, there is none. guilty must be punished but i also believe in justice. i don’t support killing or hounding of any person based on false perception or doctored video. as far as how he helps his family, its his personal decision. Anyways, after PhD He will earn enough to take care of his family. income of professors are still very good in India.

  11. Janata ka reporter, who the fk has certified you to write up this article. You are comparing a father and child, the latter still has to prove his capabilities and is indulged in activities that most of the countrymen hate. You are just like other channels who want to blindly support Kanhaiya. You are not entitled to live in this country. You people have no father and mother. You are the worshippers of Devil or Money and will sell your children, wife, sister for the sake of money

    • Hahaha….as of today no one requires certification to write an article. I do not understand your father – son analogy. I think it is good that PM got his Masters degree sometime in his life (at 33) although it might be considered late by many.

  12. There is nothing wrong in securing degree at any age. But attending college and calling himself students leader by taking all benefits beyond a certain age is not OK.

  13. Who wants to know the caste of Dr Malakar?Any wrong action should be condemned first whether it is demolition of mandir or masjid or taking bribe or defaulting loans or telling lies (YE AZADI JHUTHA HAI IN 1947 by then undivided communist party) and last but not the least any anti Indian slogan.My request to all JNU Supporters -Please condemn at least once their activity/anti INDIAN SLogans(I think all the videos are not doctored).Other issues like caste based reservation or need based reservation or corruption/vandalism can be discussed lateron.

  14. Read the letter reg. his pissing in the open and abusing the girls who complained and light punishment awarded by the Univ. . May be the mentor and the Univ. help breeding such guys


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