The exercise of military power in a self signifying state


The political aesthetic of violence, as represented; is displayed when a country does mass security operations.  The fight of hegemony in postcolonial third world countries depends on a very crucial monitoring and equations of an all inclusive political approach and not on self-signifying violent system that only reflects the same face which is represented by evil forces.

The state in its exercise of violent power shows the display which remains very repressive and autocratic in nature. The military operations following ISIS suicide in Pakistan bombing is the prime example.

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As dictated by Amnesty international the authorities must abide by the international laws of terror suspect but what happened in Pakistan. Military in its operations took a free hand to raids, arrests, and mass murder. The judiciary which is the pillar of democracy has absolutely nothing to perform in this process.

The context of killing put forward a thesis of nation’s security but took to very means which cater to propagation of violence. Government in the name of state went on to say that terror attacks would continue, and the crackdown is a must.

But the myth of the nation and border building only failed the diplomacy, as happened when Afghanistan came into question and Afghan diplomats were summoned in Rawalpindi.

We saw the clear evidence of how power to sustain itself adapts to a hypothesis of violence which shatters the very foundation of democracy and thus, nothing remains but justification of repressive institutions like military and militarism.

The media reactions and the mindset of the common folk depend on the process of generation and not repression, thus the opinions and claims of isis and Ahrar, and Taliban were presented to signify, for that matter, the underside of a liberal capitalist economy and system which has its dark side. But when the system itself through surgical strikes and crackdown becomes visible in a way for domination the notions of diplomatic strategy suffer and thus suffer all the four pillars of a democratic state.


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