“Better than forcing people to starve, Baba Ramdev should distribute Patanjali products free”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reiterated his pledge to rid India of black money by vowing to punish the hoarders of illegal currency.

In his speech in Goa, Modi broke down in public while adding that people who were involved in multi-crore scam were now forced to stand in queues for just Rs 4,000.

His comments were followed by statement from Baba Ramdev, who asked people standing in queuing outside banks why they couldn’t endure some hardship just like soldiers did during the war.

Congress’ Maharashtra general secretary, Shehzad Poonawalla, has responded to comments made by Modi and Ramdev through a video blog (below).



  1. Man in video how many poor people have you served in your lifetime first make some action of doing it and tell others about it, making video does not change things


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