Celebration of Narendra Modi’s two year in power: One of the most brazen shows of insensitivity in history


Apoorv Pathak

Modi government’s grand celebration of its two years despite unprecedented droughts and reveals a persisting malaise of the Government – it is insensitive to the plight of the people and is distanced from their welfare and aspirations.

In his characteristic fondness for grandness and style, Modi is marking two years of his goverment with splendor. This extravagance and celebration, when a large section of Indians (our farmers) are distressed, will go down in history as one of the most brazen shows of insensitivity.

But this insensitive conduct is not something unusual. Modi government has persistently shown an unmatched capacity for insensitivity. It also has pushed India backward by polarising society through divisive issues like beef. Both these aspects have been discussed in depth below-

Ignored rural distress signs for two years

For two years the signs of trouble in the rural economy have been there in abundance- the monsoons were sub-optimal for two straight years, global commodities and food market were down reducing farmers’ income and rural consumption has been stagnating.

But the government in its hallmark insensitivity just didn’t care about the situation. Worse it made things even more bad by reducing the rise in MSP, not passing the benefits of reduced crude oil prices to farmers and ignoring investment in irrigation. All these steps ensured that farmers output and income suffered. If this wasn’t enough it also attempted to derail MNREGA and food safety, two crucial social programs which could have provided cushion to a rural economy reeling under the above mentioned woes. Even now the government just isn’t awake to the enormity of the challenge, this year to it has shied any extraordinary measure that were called for in these extraordinary times.

After failing to anticipate the rural distress and not taking sufficient action it requires an inhumane remorselessness and shamelessness to celebrate amidst the thousands of farmers whose life has become so devoid of hope that they are preferring death.

A Nero like insensitivity to the growing fears of minorities and deliberately polarising society

Close to heart of India, its capital Delhi -a mob killed an elderly father of a defense personnel on mere rumours of eating and storing beef. The whole Republic had to hang its head in shame, the constitutional promise of rule of law and peaceful dignified coexistence was jeopardised since if an elderly and widely respected Muslim who had lived so harmoniously with the villager could be so easily killed what was the guarantee that any other Muslim anywhere else could not be similarly victimised. When Akhlaq died, a bit of our Indianness died along with him too.

It later emerged that apart from indirect responsibility owing to cynically fanning this madness over beef the prime minister’s party people were directly also part of the conspiracy behind this murder.

A shocked nation looked to the PM for reassurance but there was none to be found. The PM remained indifferent even when the whole world had its eyes on the incident. Since then many more Indians (prominently or exclusively from minority community) have lost their life and dignity to the the various divisive agendas that BJP has promoted – whether it was love Jihad, ghar wapsi, beef ban or the latest coerced shouting of Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

In all this BJP has shown an unmatched shrewdness to discover dog whistles through which minorities can be targeted and made insecure by divisive agendas and at the same time BJP and Prime minister can be distanced from any responsibility from the the consequence of social division and conflict that is being fanned. The ruling party is pushing India along a dangerous road where a young nation may loose its future in internal fighting and conflict. Should India be more concerned about fulfilling the developmental needs of it youth or should it be obsessing about divisive and useless issues such as who should eat what and who should shout what slogans ?

If in two years the social discourse has shifted from the common concerns of poverty, growth and employment to beef, ghar wapsi, Bharat Mata Ki Jaya, etc, I find it hard to see why should there be any celebration.

If unprecedented number of farmers are committing suicide what are we celebrating? The celebration seems to be celebration of power devoid of its responsibility. Or to tinker with the old phrase – Nero fiddled while Rome burned, one can say Modi fiddles while Bharat burns.

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