From blatant regionalism to killing exclusive stories due to vested interests, how brand Tehelka was ruined


Anisha Dutta

Since Thursday I’ve been getting messages from people sending me links to this piece published in The Wire.

I’ve kept my distance from this kind of petty squabble but nothing infuriates me more than seeing the truth being contorted like this. It’s quite sad to see a news website that I held a very high regard for succumbing to a cock and bull story fed to it by a bunch of lobbyists who pretty much ruined everything the magazine once stood for.

Not that I am defending the management in any way, I want to bring to everyone’s attention that the ones playing the victim card very conveniently were the reason most people resigned from the organisation, myself included.


Last month a fellow colleague from Tehelka, Ankush Vats had published a post explaining at length the corrosive atmosphere Mr Mathew Samuel and his ‘country cousins’ had created in the magazine. How he began his new venture using resources from Tehelka etc. Kindly read the entire post:

It was also published in the following website before the wire covered it:

From blatant regionalism to killing exclusive stories due to vested interests, Mathew and his associates were running the magazine (for the lack of better word here) like their bitch.

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Having said this, few things like the fact that the management had not been paying for months or that there was a lot of shadiness from there parts as well, are in fact all true.

After the whole mess was over the management called most of us who had left in the middle of all this to assure that despite the financial situation Tehelka was now free from regionalism and we should consider joining back, which most of us didn’t.

I was also told that some of these people including a person who has been quoted in in the story actually threatened to file a sexual assault case if the management didn’t pay the person’s dues. Such is the level they would resort to. In a situation as murky as this, both the management and these selective few so called ‘scorned employees’ are equally guilty.

(Anisha reached out to us through Facebook. The views expressed here are the author’s own and doesn’t subscribe to them)


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