BJP supporters’ reactions to Digvijay Singh’s daughter’s death will shame humanity not just Indians


Veteran Congress leader Digvijay Singh was devastated on Friday after the shocking news of of his young daughter Karnika came in.

37-year-old Karnika was suffering from cancer and died on Friday morning.

Digvijay Singh

As human beings, the news of anybody’s passing away, should cause brief sadness even if the bereavement has taken place in your enemy’s family.

But, thanks to our champions of politics of hate in India that even a tragic death in someone’s family is now being used as a tool to hurl jibes and sickening attack. Diabolical isn’t it?

Senior journalist Barkha Dutt tweeted expressing her condolences on the Karnika’s death. No sooner had she posted the tweet, her timeline was inundated with filthy messages targetting both the journalist and the bereaving family.

The sick minds, mostly BJP supporters,  did not spare even the departed soul with some even terming the tragic death of a young life ‘karma.’

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This is also a sign of just how poisonous India has become since 26 May 2014. It simply defies common sense as to how some will derive sadistic pleasure in relishing the tragedy caused by the death of a young girl, who had done no harm to any of the BJP supporters  or anyone during her life. It also baffles me just how, we have a group of people, whose natural instinct is to poke fun at the bereaving father and his family minutes after the news of his young daughter’s death is flashed.

It’s frightening that such dangerous people are not just roaming around freely in our society, but are allowed to spread their hateful messages using social media platforms. It’s no coincidence that they all appear to be fans of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

They represent the same group of people, who are notorious on twitter to hurl abuses at girls and other social media users just because they happen to be critical of the central government’s policies of the Sangh Parivar.

Not so long ago, Arun Shourie, described how even he, a former cabinet minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s cabinet, was not spared by abusive BJP trolls, who poked fun at his handicapped son.

Many of these trolls are followed by Prime Minister Modi on twitter and, according to many, that’s where the problem lies. Even amidst continuing criticism and condemnation, Modi has not unfollowed them, giving confidence to others to launch similar despicable attacks on twitter.

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, recently highlighted this aspect in his speech while attacking Modi for continuing to follow such anti-social elements on twitter.

While this highlights a serious moral issue for the BJP and Modi, there are many who criticise the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for not acting enough against individuals, who commit such acts.

Here are some of the tweets as shared by journalist Pratik Sinha on his Facebook page.

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  1. Of course these comments are bad taste. But is this news? How you going to change human life or value to publish this sort of news? What was the necessity to show all the stupid comments as screen shots? Are not you also making them popular?


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