A north Indian girl, who was ‘thrashed and molested’ by ‘goons’ in Bengaluru seeks justice from PMO


prerna sharma

Prerna Sharma

Dear PMO India

On 12 august 2015, I became a victim of ROAD ACCIDENT, PUBLIC ASSAULT, ATTEMPT TO MOLEST & ATTEMPT TO MURDER that too outside my own college campus where I have been living for four long years.

The story is too long and brutal but I know you will take your valuable time to read it as i have faith on the Prime Minister of India whose motto is ‘BETI BACHAO,BETI PARHAO’ !

A 45 to 50 yrs aged man was about to hit my vehicle with his two wheeler ” KA03TL203,” when I moved to the left and avoided the accident but lost balance and fell down.

I got up and sat on my vehicle, but this man started abusing me and when I tried to drive away, he pulled my scooty from behind. I, somehow, managed to escape from his clutches. He then began to shout in Kannada to a tall fat and muscular man to stop me.

This tall man pushed the headlight of my vehicle, which made me fall again. My sunglasses, watch and helmet were thrown away and once again I got injured.

I got up but before I could realize, the man who was abusing me earlier came and banged my head with a helmet. Then came the local public , auto drivers, shopkeepers. They all surrounded me with each one of them blaming me for reasons still known to me.

I got away and started walking towards the man’s vehicle and noted down his registration number. When I got back to my Scooty, 25 to 30 men again surrounded me and snatched my keys, locked my vehicle and began to touch me inappropriately.

The way those people were supporting the scooty person made it clear that they all had planned it well and belonged to a common group of criminals. I asked them to return my keys so that I can go home but they made fun of me instead.

Then I asked them to at least give my wallet which was locked in my scooty but they wouldn’t listen. Now they told me that ‘you are a NORTH INDIAN and you can’t do anything because no police authority is going to help you here in South India!’

They told me ‘ let me see how you escape from here!’ I knew few words in Kannada and I started shouting using these words and pushed one of them to make way and ran out of there.

NOBODY helped me out, they all supported a man hitting abusing assaulting a GIRL that too in full public view! All were having fun watching what was happening. I asked people around to give me their phone so that I could at least make a call to police but nobody wanted to get involved.

I walked a little further and requested a Mehendi wala who agreed to make a call to a friend of mine, who lived nearby. When my friend came, he went to those people and requested them to hand him over the keys of my scooty. They all began to hit him brutally, banged his head to a tree and punched his eyes, face, ears and stomach.

Again, I saw nobody coming to our help and he was half-dead after getting beaten by these criminals.

I moved into the crowd and held his hand to get him out, they punched on my nose and kicked my back. I started shouting that ‘ come we are going to police, we are getting out of here’ and somehow got out and sat in an auto and left for police station.

After reaching the police station, the police didn’t come with us to the scene for another one hour and made us wait asking the same incident again and again.

We were not provided medical treatment to our injuries for three hours until we screamed and warned the police.

I used to wonder how crime takes place and today I know this very well. Police were making fun of me just because I don’t understand their local language. I want to know who is going to get me JUSTICE? I look up to you and i don’t want to be a victim but a fighter. Please HELP me LIKE a FATHER, TREAT me LIKE your DAUGHTER !

NOTE: Views expressed are the author’s own. Janta Ka Reporter does not endorse any of the views, facts, incidents mentioned in this piece.


  1. I have even seen a incident near to hoodi circle where some local people started beating two people , because they fell down from bike in front of their shop. The bikers had mistake that they don’t know driving according to those people and they need to be punished by them.

  2. This is really strange. Is some kind of resentment building up among locals in Bangalore against outsiders? Should be nipped in the bud.

  3. This is a heavily one-sided report. People from certain states come with a huge sense of identity from caste, language, region and religion and believe all misunderstandings stem from a disparity in one of them. They cannot fathom the culture of a cosmopolitan city and rather than accept that people were blaming them for the damage caused, casually blame the situation on cultural differences. People in a crowd will communicate in what they are comfortable with. If this had happened in Jharkand (where this person is from) would she be so appalled to hear demands for explanation of her abusive behavior in Hindi? (She was no innocent bystander)


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