About Us

Jantakareporter.com is an independent news website covering the latest trends from India and around the world. Our team of hard-working and dedicated journalists gather news, verify their authenticity before showcasing them on our website for your consumption. The purpose of launching Jantakareporter.com, a 24×7 multimedia website is to revolutionize the way we gather news.

Objectivity, impartiality and audience trust are some of the key hallmarks of our newsgathering ethos. Launched by Rifat Jawaid, a former BBC editor for 12 years and ex-Managing Editor of India Today Group’s TV Newsgathering, this platform aims to represent the interests of ordinary news consuming public, who have been left disenchanted by the credibility loss of the mainstream Indian media.

We strive to showcase news/interviews and high impact analyses in an accessible and engaging manner without surrendering our impartiality to corporate and political pressure.

Our early successes have exceeded the best of the industry’s expectations. Stories we champion frequently leave more than desirable impact thereby enabling us to lead the news agenda.

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